Finanza, The Finance Society of Dyal Singh College organised a visit to SEBI on 16th, 20th and 25th September in efforts to promote financial awareness among young investors. The initiative received an overwhelming response from students all across University of Delhi. The students got a chance to learn about the general working of the stock market and ways to safely invest in it. The officials helped debunk myths and remove the stigma around dealing in the share market. They encouraged students to actively invest and participate in trading. They introduced students to different methods of investment like SIP, Mutual Funds etc. The students left with a sense of confidence and peaked interest in the share market.  The attendees felt comfortable investing money after learning about the regulatory and judicial authorities of SEBI and their investor-friendly policies. The seminar opened up a new conversation amongst future investors that would help build their financial portfolios in the years ahead. The visit was an enriching and thought provoking learning experience for all of us and we are grateful to SEBI for their informative session.